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Our organization supports the LA MARIE-DO association , all together against cancer.

LA MARIE-DO is an association that brings together men and women of all ages and from all socio-professional backgrounds sharing one and the same goal: to fight against cancer and to provide moral and financial support to patients and their families in their fight for life.

La Corsica Raid Femina wants to bring a little of its breath and energy to the LA MARIE-DO association by sharing one and the same objective: to fight against cancer and to provide moral and financial support to patients and their families in their care. fight for life.


On the Corsica Raid Femina, each committed team has the possibility, if it wishes, to run for the solidarity or environmental cause that you want to carry, promote and support.

You can therefore communicate on your commitment to the benefit of the charity. For this you will have the opportunity to fully use the dynamics set up by the Corsica Raid Femina.

From there, be pragmatic, creative, original, and combative. Use the Corsica Raid Femina jointly to win your cause.

100% CORSican

The women and men who organize the Corsica Raid Femina are Corsicans crazy about their island. For us Corsica is the most beautiful planet Earth has created: the Island of Beauty. And if on the scale of the Globe, Corsica is a grain of sand in the heart of the small Mediterranean Sea, on the scale of Women and Men, Corsica is a veritable 6th Continent.

And it is with this state of mind that connects us viscerally to Corsica that this Earth has made us what we are. So we know with humility that setting up the Corsica Raid Femina is an ambitious challenge, an adventure before an adventure.

Those who take part in the organization of the Corsica Raid Femina crisscross Corsica, invent new adventures, discover explosive routes and prepare the most beautiful encounters.

Each and every one invests in their respective fields of competence with the sole ambition, the desire to offer you to discover a little of what our Corsica Earth is and through it a little of what we are.



For more than 25 years the projects that we carry have been developed under the seal of ecology. We do not claim it, we simply live it. Ecology is part of our DNA. It is a matrix that guides each of our actions.

And this statement is anything but a simple statement of good intention. Because it is about having a pragmatic ecology approach.


The premise is always the same: look, analyze, and study the potential ecological impacts that a race can create in the heart of a natural space. And once the potential ecological impacts have been clearly identified, pragmatic eco-responsible solutions must be provided.


Each participant and each organizer of Corsica Raid signs the Eco-adventurer Charter which sums up our ecological ethics. Extract: “if we love our sport so much, it is because the word“ adventure ”is attached to it, induces the idea of ​​nature.

Beyond the competition, we claim a difference which lies entirely in the fact that we have the immense privilege of rubbing shoulders with the beautiful, the sublime… nature!

After our passage, if it regains its tranquility and perfect balance, then we will have lived a great adventure.

And on the Corsica Raid Femina, we like to think that with flawless ethics, a multi-activity race can be organized without damage for the most improbable, the most fragile, and the most unique of partners, NATURE.






The seriousness and professionalism of the Corsica Raid organizers will guide you, reassure you, and coach you on the Corsica Raid Femina routes. Guarantee of experience and quality, we have been organizing Corsica Raids (Adventure, Challenger, Companies, Press, Junior, Femina) since 1994.

The experience of many and many of us, which for more than 25 years has allowed Corsica Raids to exist, is the true guarantee of our capabilities.

We have patiently acquired strong expertise in all the necessary fields: Course, Technical, Safety, Rescue, Medicalization, Classification, Coordination, Logistics, Animation, Communication ...

And it is these capacities and these expertise that we propose to develop on the CORSICA RAID FEMINA.

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